Saturday, January 11, 2014

Amanat: R.I.P India's Daughter

I was born in a proud nation someday
My right to live snatched the very day
Monsters ready to devour and tear my soul
An innocent angelic life spun out of control
Safe was i in my mother's womb
My fault lay to live and bloom
why did i come in this world
Defeat stigma and not to be hurled
Who wanted to live in a pool of blood
Desired to be a girl, woman, mother and grow a beautiful bud
Cry and scream of my pain to deaf ear
Closed doors of humanity i now cannot bear
Where are my brothers today?
Where are my countrymen today?

For I want to live too
For I want to breath and break through
To protect a sister not a shame
Hide faces and you only burn in flame
For our souls so cheap
Naked act of barbarism has no weep
kill me but not my identity
I am here to produce eternity
For thousand Amanat's like me die and perish
A country will then awaken to its cherish
Tainted is an individual heart not me
i am gone and now a history
Touched the sky and wanted to fly high
These emotions and tears will never dry

Sorrow must be a God today
His beautiful mankind gift has shut its eyes today
Lay in peace is a destiny covered in a white sheet
Will fight after death with every beat
The hands that once held an ounce
Today Burying me and denounce
For honor and justice is what i will return for
No more daughter or sister to be pushed to floor
Goodbye to all as I abode for Jannat
I hope we save someone another Amanat......
Where are my brothers today?
Where are my countrymen today?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

23 Random Things About Me:

23 Random Things About Me:

1.      I am a big fan of University of Southern California (USC) College Football and wear Number #18 Cardinal Trojan Jersey each weekend USC plays. I have met former football coaches Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin and former Quarterback Matt Barkley in person and got their autographs signed on my jersey. Coming from India, I didn’t know anything about College Football until my American roommates explained the game. Today I am passionate about my school game and the NFL.
2.       I cannot start my day without drinking 2-3 cups of strong Indian tea mixed with herbs and other spices. I will carry my tea leaves and herbs if I know the place I’ll be staying doesn’t have it.
3.       I cook everyday and pack my breakfast and lunch to office. In the past, I have hosted dinner parties at my place and cooked food (vegetarian/non-vegetarian) for at least 15-20 people. My colleagues think I am a good chef besides a good software tester.
4.       I have 2 tricolor flags at home, 1 flag at office and a pair of cufflinks with Indian flag on it.
5.       I have composed more than 70 poems in English and Hindi to express myself. My poem themes are romance, fiction, nonfiction, reality, emotions etc. Some of my poems can be found at
6.       I have composed a 36 page Hollywood playwright script with dialogues, camera angles, sound effects etc. The script is called “Replica” (a thriller) and is about reincarnation of life.
7.       I am the first in my family to have run a half-marathon, first to study in America and the first who will attain double master degrees.
8.       I was judged “Mr. Generous” unanimously in a class of 50 students in a 6th grade competition at school. I never expected this to come but felt honored upon receiving the appreciation.
9.       When it comes to beer, I mostly buy Molson beer from Liquor stores. I went on to convince my friends to meet at an authentic Canadian bar located very far in Brooklyn and try Molson beers and Poutine, a Canadian delicacy.
10.   I founded the largest Indian community group in Newport, Jersey City on Facebook named “Indians @Newport”. The group started with 4 USC graduates and today has approx 2000 members. Events are professional networking based and happen in Jersey City and New York. Also, I recently concluded my first networking event in Toronto in another group “Indians @Toronto”.
11.   I use the word #Jaali frequently on Facebook, Twitter and even while talking. Most of my friends have also started to use this word. #Jaali is a Hindi word which means Fake.
12.   Besides being social, my friends also describe me as funny and humorous.
13.   My friends call me “Paaji” which means elder brother. This started off as a joke at USC and now everyone calls me with this name.
14.   My shirts are from UK, trousers from USA, shoes from China and belts from India.
15.   I regret my decision of not joining the Indian Army when I was 17 and had the opportunity to. My father served as a Commander in the Indian Navy and so I wanted to join Navy only. Today I feel the force doesn’t matter, what matters is your willingness to serve the country.
16.   On 3 occasions when I totally disliked Indian food being served in a restaurant that was rated very high and good on yelp, I got frustrated and decided to come up with an Indian version of yelp.
17.   I love ties. Sometimes I have dreamt of going to bed sleeping with a tie. Lot of my Indian friends asked me to help make a tie knot for them at USC.
18.   I founded, an event management hub and startup that will consolidate all Indian events happening in Jersey City and New York. I also started another venture called, a platform where local Indian-American entities in the Newport/Jersey City/New Jersey area can advertise their businesses and/or promote any upcoming events. 
19.   I am a big believer of Hindu God Shiva and will worship Shiva in temple.
20.   I have a twin sister who is 2 minutes younger than me. We are fraternal twins and do not resemble at all. While growing we always fought about who was elder.  
21.   I have organized, administered and managed 100+ events in my Indian group. 
22.   Today considered very social and extrovert by my friends, once I was an introvert.
23.   I wear a gold earring in my left ear, an Indian custom for bringing good luck. At first, I wasn’t interested but I am simply respecting my mother’s faith.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Peepli Live - A Critique

Ahh, i finally am critiquing a movie after a long time. The last time i sat was for "My name is K...". So i saw "Peepli Live" last Sunday with a friend. The only thing i knew was this wasn't a big budget film with character actors in it. And for a change, i wanted to see a film far away from the latka-jatkas of Bollywood entertainers. Knowing this was an Amir Khan production, i thought i give it a shot and watch the film. The trailer seemed funny with an emotional dram touch.
This is Anusha Rizvi's first film as a director and i am not saying it was a masterpiece. However, the subject of farmers committing suicide in an Indian state when they cannot pay the loan back is real and the author has presented the story with a dark humor. Omkar Das as "Natha" and Raghuvir Yadav as "Budhia" play fantastic roles as village farmers. Constantly being nagged by his wife and mother, Natha is convinced by his brother Budhia to commit suicide and the money from his death will save their farmland. When the media hears this, big news stations reach this small far village "Peepli" and 24 hrs there is constant vigil by media/police on Natha's family. The movie becomes interesting when the whole issue is politicized.
Indian politicians, media, central/state government, poor villagers and people like Natha and budhia are all mockery of one single system and this happens. The film does exaggerate in few instances when Media just blows any kind of false information they can get their hands on and turning the lives of Natha and Budhia upside down. How Indian politicians can extend hands for vote bank in the wake of adversary. That government plans exist but not implemented at the lowest level to reach farmers like Natha and Budhia is disheartening. The film tries to satirically present its agenda with a good direction as the movie never felt like lost its course. The audience can stay gasping as to what would be coming next. Shalini Vyas or Dhaniya plays a good supporting actress as the wife of Natha. This movie is definitely an eyeopener to people and citizens across India or Outside and laments the fact that how top officials and bureaucrats misuse their authority and position and thereby no help can reach a section of society that most needs it.
Am glad i watched the movie. It was well made and everyone played a good justifiable role. For the script/direction/production/acting, i'll rate the movie 8/10. I just hope the Indian government wakes up......Go watch it !

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sapno ki aahat

tere sapno ki aahat aksar jagate hai mujhe
pal bhar ke liye utt sa jaaata hun
jindagi ke lamhe kam lage
tho kuch supno mein doondhta hun tujhe
aaj fursat ke baad waqt pass aaaya hai
kuch guzaarish karu aise hi lamho ki
sahmi sahmi see thi tu un dauran
dil bakeraar hai kuch arz karu
sahara hai in sapno ka, sachai ka nahin
sachai doori nahin mitati, sapne jaroor
fursat hai tere milan kaa
suna hai kabhi sapne bhi sach hote hain
tanhaiiyee teri aahat ki tarf mode
pyaar tho hai aise hi tanhaiiyee kee
door hum bhi hai, door tum bhi
mukassar nahin aise lamho kaa jo milaye
din khul gaya hai, aankh nahin
sapno mein ghum saa gaya hai yeh dil bhi
pukarre yeh awaaz sapno ki
dil khush hai aaj sapno mein tujhe dekhke
ibadat hai tu khush rahe jindagi mein
tu muskuraaaie, sapne jeeeye
hum issi tarah tarro mein apni raah doondhe
shayad tum bi kabhi socho humhe
yeh sapne haqeemat mein badle humhe
sharrab raasta nahin par kamzoori tumhe milne kaa
shukar hai yeh dooori tho mitathi hai
yeh sapne kabhi naa toothe
tere sapno ki aahat kabhi na rhuke........

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My FIRST MARKETING attempt (Comments Please)

While i was at USC, i posted this Ad on craiglist to sublet my house

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 9:51 AM

I want to sublease my 2 room apt asap. I have my Summer Internship
at GOLDMAN SACHS in NY, so have to vacate from 1st week of may. This
house has been very LUCKY for me and others who moved in it. Students
(CS && EE) staying here got their internship in big companies like
MOTOROLA ETC. This may be the right one for you, believe me !!!!!!!! (

Address is 1156 W 36th place LA CA 90007. 4 guys can easily live in
the apartment and I want a person to replace me, 2 guys share each
room. PEACEFUL LOCATION giving you the best conditions to study and
making it to the above !

lease is till july 2007 which can be extended, rent is $400/head +
about $15 in utilities. initial security amount is $422.5 . THIS RENT
IS NOTHING when it comes to having a secured internship in above

Secured entry and house has all basic facilities. 2 min walk from

Please contact me at 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me back.


Sidharth Kumar

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Loved Life

The words within me speak
How the love between us so weak
Twisted tides and strong monsoon
Dim light and weird shaped moon
Brought down upon a lovely life
Giving no chance and a strife
Golden moments of life i ran after
Destiny made me people's laughter
Pure as my heart was beating
a new world i knew was collapsing
Life i tried so hard to grip
Slipped through my hand with a nip
When life was short and time more
Steps were slow to walk out of the door
Crazy attitude and a diminished fate
i stand here to be my own bait
Ships that rescued a sinking life's boat
returned empty handed with someone to float
Dots life connected began to disappear
a chapter of life begs to tear....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Air

As i walk by crossing lanes
someone from behind touches me
a humane feeling knocks me down
surprised as i feel
seldom has anyone done so in years
who is this person or
am i mistaken for a false identity?
no bodily figure as i turn back
but an aerial breeze stands in front
sad and melancholy it gazes
The look of the air reminds
a past thats beginning to unravel
clues of life i once carried break
stopped times suddenly tick
the sky color begins to looks pale
i tremble and soul within freezes
The fresh air i was used to is now dry
The air i breathed is now depleted of strength
valorless and exhausted
The once familiar air begs me to take me in
rekindle its life and provide hope
One chance, one oppurtunity
should i or should i not
Perhaps am still in a wonderland......